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Quiz 'survey' [no points] option on question types

New quizzes don’t currently have surveys. There is a need for survey type questions where they don’t attribute points but rather collect data, be that actual answers or just a gauge on how students are feeling (a pulse test) i.e. On a scale of 1-10 how confident are you feeling ahead of the in-class presentation? Do you need further support? They can also settle student nerves during a test i.e., opening with a few easy | funny | opinion questions.

I propose that these questions can be combined with regular quiz questions. Or a selectable option on all current questions that turns them into non-graded survey questions. Currently, if a question has a point value of 0, a teacher must grade this question. The teacher is more likely to download a .csv file to collate the answers [time well spent] rather than applying a 0 to a 0-point essay question [for every single entry and student].

It would be great to have survey questions in classic quizzes too, but I know that it may not be on the feature development radar.

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