Submitted quiz says 'No Score', dead link on Attempt 1/1, and nothing in Speedgrader

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This is in new quizzes, multiple students have done the quiz and submitted and all is normal, then this student submitted the quiz and it shows up in the Moderate tab as Attempt 1/1 but not a live link like the others; says No Score under Score. It has the time lining up with when the student submitted. View Log link is live, shows the student answering the questions. In Speedgrader, it is as if the student had not even started the quiz.

An hour or so later, the student got back on (we had been on Zoom while he took the test). I took off the time limit and reopened the quiz, he went in and all his answers were there, clicked submit again, and this time it came through.

So I don't know what was up with that or if there was any workaround I could have done just from my end?