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New Quizzes Timeline Overview

New Quizzes Timeline Overview

As of 2020-10-15, the New Quizzes timeline has been adjusted as a result of educational challenges from COVID-19. The Timeline will continue to be updated with further details when available.


Initially available to all paid accounts in 2018, New Quizzes was designed to be the new assessment engine for Canvas. 

Milestone Dates

Q2–Q4 2020

  • Critical Capability Development: The Quizzes team completes high-impact improvements prioritized before Classic Quizzes deprecation.


  • Course Copy/Import Content Migration: Admins and instructors can import and copy assessment content as New Quizzes.
  • New Quizzes Enforcement: New Quizzes will be enabled for all courses in paid accounts. Both New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes can be used in tandem.

Additional dates will be updated when available

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Please fix the partial credit issues people have been begging for since the new quiz release before this forced change. The system should be able to award partial credit for categorization questions, matching questions and ordering questions. It is extremely frustrating to be forced to use a quiz format that does not have these functions.  

Can you please provide the new date for when the “Prevent quiz create-Prevent student attempt/submit” event on your timeline will occur? Our institution needs this information so we can plan our migration. Thank you.

Can we get an update on when the export Student Analysis item will be available?

I will echo the concerns of when we will lose the ability to create and use classic quizzes and add that the migration plan will need to include training that would need to take place well before the beginning of an academic term where we would make the cut over happen.  Looking at schools timelines,  if we create our Fall term courses in April or May we would need to do training and have our process in place prior to that.  Knowing when things are going to happen far in advance is critical for the success of this change.  

I am also looking for information about migrating quizzes that use quiz banks currently as well as importing new quiz banks from various sources including publisher and respondus 4.0.  Has this functionality been added or fixed?  

Can you add the ability to have feedback display immediately after students answer a question? Some of the features of these new quizzes create great options for interactivity, but not being able to give students item-by-item feedback limits the impact these enhanced quizzes could provide. Thanks.

Seconding the need for the ability to export Item Analysis reports. It's such a basic function and it prevents me from ever recommending New Quizzes to our faculty, especially those who don't want to scroll through SpeedGrader for 400+ students. 

I am with Khan1 Fix the Partial Credit! I work at a virtual school and don't know when students take their tests. I have to look at my grade book every day so I can go in and fix partial credit issues because you'll seem to think everyone is going to take their test at the same damned time. It's obnoxious, time-consuming, and makes me want to tell people not to use the new question types.

Also, you need to prioritize printing in new quizzes. I have been saying this for literal years now but we have IEP/504 regulations that state some students with certain accommodations HAVE to take paper-based tests. Without being able to print, this is kinda a really big issue. 

If you all can please comment back and tell me the email address of the person I can send my teacher's complaints to when I train them in August on this new platform, that would be great. 

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