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New Quizzes Video Tutorials for Migrating from Classic Quizzes

New Quizzes Video Tutorials for Migrating from Classic Quizzes

I have created several short videos to share with our Instructors that explain how to migrate a classic quiz to a new quiz. Please feel free to use and share these. I will also be creating a module and adding it to the commons. When I was searching for information about New Quizzes I felt the main thing I was looking for, how to migrate quizzes that used test banks, was hard to find. These videos address that issue.

New Quizzes Introduction 

New Quizzes Test Types explained

NQ Test Types - YouTube 

New QUizzes Export and Import  Item Banks

NQ ExportImport Item Banks - YouTube 

New Quizzes Create Tests From Item Banks

NQ Create Tests From Item Banks - YouTube 

New Quizzes Create New Quiz and Add Questions from Item Banks

NQ Create New Quiz Add from Item Bank - YouTube 

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I was going to share this page with some instructors and it was really hard to find in the new community. First I had to find the New Quizzes user group. Hopefully if I make a comment it may rise to the top again. I think it would be more useful for people to see content that was created in the last 6 months, rather than content and questions asked in 2017.

Please fix the partial credit issues people have been begging for since the new quiz release before this forced change. The system should be able to award partial credit for categorization questions, matching questions and ordering questions. It is extremely frustrating to be forced to use a quiz format that does not have these functions.  

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