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New Rich Content Editor: FAQ

New Rich Content Editor: FAQ


What is the New Rich Content Editor?

The New Rich Content Editor is an update to the previous Canvas Rich Content Editor. It provides a condensed, more intuitive toolbar that is grouped by common icons and interactions. Learn more: What is the New Rich Content Editor?

How do I enable the New Rich Content Editor? 

The New Rich Content Editor can be enabled by a Canvas administrator for the entire account or on a course-by-course basis as a feature option in Account Settings.

When will the New Rich Content Editor be enabled for all institutions?

As of January 16, 2021, the New Rich Content Editor is being enabled for all institutions and will no longer be optional in Canvas.

How can I learn more about the New Rich Content Editor?

The New Rich Content Editor was originally announced in the Canvas Release Notes (2020-01-18). Details about the initial release of this feature can be found in Canvas Release: New Rich Content Editor (2020-01-18).

What's the difference between the existing and New Rich Content Editors?

See our RCE comparison document.

What development work remains for the New Rich Content Editor?

See our product manager's latest blog post regarding updates in the New Rich Content Editor.

How can I follow the progress of this feature?

Additional updates about the New Rich Content Editor will be posted in the Canvas Release Resources pages. A summary of all functionality will be posted in the user group shortly.

How can I provide feedback about the New Rich Content Editor?

For questions about the New Rich Content Editor, please feel free to leave a question in the user group forum!

For feature enhancement ideas, please search for existing ideas in our Idea Conversations page.

How can I learn more about the New Rich Content Editor?

See the Resources page.

How can I submit a problem with the New Rich Content Editor?

Please submit a support case via Canvas Support or via your institution's preferred Help system. Visit your Canvas Help Menu and select the option to Report a Problem.

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Hi there, just checking if that 16 January 2021 enforcement date is stable or not. The January Roadmap still does not include any mention of new RCE. If not, can you please summarise the major issues for us so we can report back to our institutions?

@kirsten_ryall that is the enforcement date. The group is being updated with all most recent information by the end of today (I didn't quite finish on Friday!) 

The roadmap only notes features in development, which is why New RCE isn't included there. Enforcements and changes to existing features are noted in the Upcoming Canvas Changes 



@erinhmcmillan & @venitk  - sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject - but what is the "clicks" change that is coming on November 18th?


Also - I did notice in our BETA instance that there is a search bar for the Add (course documents, course images) slider... When will that be in production?



@timberley_barbe  I meant the clicks that you would do to accomplish tasks. They've been trying to reduce the number of clicks to do various tasks. I can't write documentation until that's settled. 

@venitk - Thank you!  I am in the process of writing documentation myself - so this is great to know!  It is concerning that there could be major changes this late in the game.  We wanted to advertise our documentation now before we push the editor in mid-December (to give faculty time to practice in advance of Spring crunch time), Now I'm not so sure if that's feasible if there are some potentially major changes coming... 😬


In my testing, when selecting  the Record/Upload Media button and chosing to Upload media, this media is stored in the Canvas course and counts against the course storage quota I presume.

Is there anyway to upload media to embed without it counting twords the storage quota? In the previous RCE when you chose Record/Upload Media -->Upload the content was uploaded to a streaming server and embeded in the page. The files size Upload limit was 500MB.

Did this just go away?!

The current Canvas Meeting Comparison PDF document seems to say otherwise

It references the Old RCE and New RCE Media Upload options as stored "nowhere". This would indicate that they don't count towards the course quota.  

If this is no longer the case, this is a drastic change.




We think we have a miscommunication on quotas and we're checking that out with our engineer. I'll update the information when we have further details.

The Canvas Media Comparison PDF will need to be updated regarding this information, which will be completed along with the release on November 21.




Hi Erin:

In testing Media upload in Beta today I noticed that the video was compressed in size greatly. I had some videos that were 300 mb and they were compressed down to 10 mb and others to 20 mb. 

Is this going to be the standard compression of files and quality? 

Here is the uploaded media folder for my course






Hi @gncrum 

Yes, uploaded files are compressed. If you're worried about that compression, you always have the option of hosting your media files elsewhere and embedding them or linking them within Canvas.


Hi, all,

Additional questions can be asked in the New Rich Content Editor Forum.

Thank you,