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Partner Listing: AI Writing Instructor

Partner Listing: AI Writing Instructor

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Ecree's technology provides students with unlimited formative writing support in real-time. Unlike other writing support technologies, Ecree helps students with the elements of good writing that are found on most rubrics and state standards: organization, argumentation, and analysis. 

Ecree provides teachers with precise diagnostic insights into student learning needs as students progress through their academic work. As a result, teachers can focus on specific areas of need when they work with students.

Ecree also uses AI technology to walk students through the writing process. This technology guides students through the writing process with easy-to-understand steps to help with their writing. This technology ensures that from the blank page to writing a thesis statement to finalizing a draft, students receive detailed guidance on how to develop an essay.  

Worried about plagiarism? Additionally, Ecree offers authentication technology to help teachers detect plagiarism. The authentication technology builds a writing signature for every student based on her or his unique writing style. Subsequent submissions are then compared to this writing signature. Papers that match the signature are given a percent probability that the student is the author of the paper and papers that do not match the signature are given a probability that the student is not the author. These probabilities are color-coded (green is a pass, yellow is a borderline case, and red is a suspicious paper). The color-coded icons that teachers see provide a clear signal when there is a case the teacher should investigate more closely. In addition, the approach monitors for cases where students have paid someone else to write their papers.


Ecree uses WCAG 2.0 AA standards. 


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Privacy policy link
Personally identifiable or personal data collected Ecree only stores user names and email addresses.  
Data Deletion Request Process Students can request that data be deleted by contacting Ecree directly. 
Analytics performed on Customer Data Ecree analyzes student learning trends to provide teachers with diagnostic insights. 
Data correlation practices (across customers or create profiles)
Targeted Advertising using user data Ecree does not offer ads.
Privacy Law Compliance Ecree is FERPA compliant.

Integration Instructions

Ecree works directly with institutions to ensure a smooth integration process. 

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