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Partner Listing: Accelerate Education

Partner Listing: Accelerate Education





Phone: 866.705.5575

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​​​​​​​Accelerate Education offers rich and engaging curriculum that has been carefully designed to meet state standards. With a robust catalog that boasts more than 300 course titles and 30,000 discrete learning objects, Accelerate is able to support districts’ online learning needs for core subject areas, electives, and world languages at all levels – from Credit Recovery to Advanced Placement – for grades K through 12. 

 Learn more about Accelerate Education and Canvas by watching the video below.



Accelerate Education provides personalized, rich digital curriculum and tools for individualizing student learning paths to give each student the ability to achieve success.  Our courses are designed to engage students with different learning styles and abilities, utilizing interactive learning assets that provide both visual and auditory stimulation. Using leading technology solutions, our courses offer rich, rigorous, standards-aligned multimedia lessons. Students interact with this content via multiple presentation formats, including photos, visual learning animations, videos, interactive text, and both guided and independent practice activities. These resources are especially powerful for relating instructional concepts to real-world contexts.

Accelerate Education's online courses contain the following accommodations for students:

  • Content is appropriately segmented into smaller topics to increase retention and expand opportunities for assessment.
  • Limited text on each screen provides increased focus and allows additional time to devote to practice activities.
  • Content includes video and motion multimedia components, which provides students with opportunities to use visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning methods. 
  • Students can work at their own pace, without specific time constraints.
  • Content is open for students so they can refer back to previous content as needed.
  • For some graded assignments/quizzes, students have the opportunity to redo the work and resubmit these assignments.

Accelerate Education courses have been carefully designed to meet a broad range of learner needs, and provide supporting accommodations for English language learners and those with special needs.

  • Text to Speech All of our courses come equipped with text to speech software to help students who have may have deficiencies or trouble reading.
  • ​​​​​​​Audio and Text Translation For monolingual or ELL students, our software allows for the both text and audio translations in multiple languages.
  • Dictionary Definitions are available in context with both written words and pictures.
  • Text magnifier Magnified text will be highlighted in a single row at the top of the page in dual colors of choice.

Accelerate Education weaves accessibility guidelines into the overall course design to ensure the content is accessible to as many students as possible. Status for Level A, Level AA and Level AAA of the WCAG 2.1 checklist is available upon request.


HECVAT statusN/A
Data encryption

All data in transit is encrypted via TLS (both for browser sessions, which all use the secure HTTPS protocol, as well as SFTP for file transfer). Data is not (in general) encrypted at rest.

Countries of data storageUSA
Data storage methodCloud
Data retention policyAvailable upon request
Incident management program, policy, and testingAvailable upon request.
Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testingAvailable upon request.
Security Standard CertificatesAvailable upon request.
Third party testing and security controls practicesAvailable upon request.


Disaster Recovery

 All Accelerate Education’s hardware is cloud-based. Cloud computing, based on virtualization, takes a very different approach to disaster recovery. With virtualization, the entire server, including the operating system, applications, patches and data is encapsulated into a single software bundle or virtual server. This entire virtual server can be copied or backed up to an offsite data center and spun up on a virtual host in a matter of minutes.

Since the virtual server is hardware independent, the operating system, applications, patches and data can be safely and accurately transferred from one data center to a second data center without the burden of reloading each component of the server. This can dramatically reduce recovery times compared to conventional (non-virtualized) disaster recovery approaches where servers need to be loaded with the OS and application software and patched to the last configuration used in production before the data can be restored.

This means that in the event of an unforeseen interruption of service, Accelerate Education is able to instantly spin up new instances of the virtual servers so that students and schools can get back to their coursework.



Privacy policy link
COPPA policy link
Privacy department/officer contact:
Types of data collectedAccelerate Education does not provide a hosted solution on Canvas, so the data collected is defined by the instance in which students are enrolled. 
Personally identifiable or personal data collected Accelerate Education does not provide a hosted solution on Canvas, so the data collected is defined by the instance in which students are enrolled. 
Data Deletion Request ProcessN/A
Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-outN/A
Cookies or Tracking Technologies used
Analytics performed on Customer DataWe do not perform any analytics on Canvas customer data.
Data correlation practicesN/A
Privacy Certifications or SealsN/A
Targeted Advertising using user dataAccelerate Education does not collect student data on Canvas nor use it for targeted advertising. 
Privacy or data protection impact assessmentsAvailable upon request.
Privacy Law ComplianceFERPA, CCPA

Integration Instructions

Contact for information on how to get Accelerate Education courses in your instance of Canvas. 

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