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Partner Listing: Analytic Orange, Inc.

Partner Listing: Analytic Orange, Inc.

Analytic Orange, Inc.Analytic Orange, Inc.



Website: https://analyticorange.comDocumentation: Please contact us at info@anlayticorange.comSupport:
Palm Coast, FloridaRelease Notes:  Please contact us at info@anlayticorange.comInstagram-Icon.png facebook.png  linkedin.png  Pinterest-logo.png
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Analytic Orange provides a comprehensive, multi-perspective, and inclusive social studies textbook and curriculum materials. One-hundred percent of social studies state standards are covered. Activities include hands-on projects, community engagement, and focus on critical thinking and problem-solving to develop our nation's future leaders. Analytic Orange furnishes the most relevant, inspiring, and diverse primary sources to give students first-hand accounts of events created by the people who experienced history. 

Students will see themselves reflected in Analytic Orange's materials as leaders, role models, and innovators. All students benefit from learning about historical events from the point-of-view of different people and realizing the many layers of information available for every occasion. Analytic Orange emphasizes hands-on projects, community engagement, and focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving to develop our nation's future leaders.

AO's products are designed for teachers, facilitators, substitute teachers, and experienced veteran educators.


Accessibility, Security, & Privacy

Analytic Orange, Inc. (AO) builds on the school district’s Learning Management System (LMS). Platforms currently include Instructure (Canvas) and Google Classroom. Using Common Cartridge, we can upload files to additional LMS (CORE, Schoology, etc.). We provide the imscc files to the district. The district’s technology department then uploads the files to the preferred LMS. AO provides digital courses that are "closed-circuit" for student protection, reliability, and data security. 

Integration Instructions

Please contact us at for more information about working with Analytic Orange, Inc. We work directly with institutions to ensure a smooth integration process. 

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