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Partner Listing: Atomic Jolt: Search, Assessments, Journals, Polls, and Discussions

Partner Listing: Atomic Jolt: Search, Assessments, Journals, Polls, and Discussions

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Website: Atomic Assessments Support:
Headquarters Location: Logan, UT

Atomic Search

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Atomic Jolt is a software development company with deep expertise in teaching and learning. We have been developing software for over 20 years.


Our mission is to deliver technology based solutions that support engaging, effective, efficient teaching and learning.


We value learning, openness, accountability, and innovation. We believe that the best ideas and implementations should win, regardless of who or where they come from.


Our customers are major Universities, EdTech companies, and K-12 school districts around the world. Drop us a line; we think it could be the start of something special.

Products and services 

Atomic Jolt offers products and services for education. We build custom web and mobile applications for education. We customize, enhance, and integrate learning management systems by using industry standards and LMS APIs. We host, maintain, and support open source Canvas for large organizations.



You can find our VPAT on this page.


HECVAT status Available upon request.
Data encryption We encrypt volumes storing data using AWS EBS encryption. 
Countries of data storage

Atomic Jolt hosts application and data in Amazon AWS data centers in the following regions:

● US East (Northern Virginia) Region

● Europe (Ireland) Region 2

● Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region

We use EC2, S3, SQS and other AWS services. Our beta instances are hosted in Virginia, USA. Atomic Jolt apps do not move data between AWS Regions.

Data storage method Cloud
Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testing

Atomic Jolt uses the following approach to disaster recovery:

1. Scripted deploys - Script the install and configuration of all systems to be able to bring them up quickly.

2. DB backup - Dump databases to the file system on a daily basis. 3. Remote backup - Backup the file system containing database backups and data files to a remote geographic data center on a daily basis.

4. DRP communication - Document and communicate to clients a detailed plan for disaster recovery.

5. Monitor systems - Monitor systems to detect in a timely manner situations where disaster recovery plans should be activated.

6. DRP activation - Communicate to clients before disaster recovery plans are activated.

Third party testing and security controls practices

See the following links for information about the Security measures implemented by the third party services that Atomic Jolt relies on:

AWS Data Center Controls

Rollbar Security & Compliance Policy 

Learnosity Product Security Policy



Privacy policy link
Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-out Atomic Jolt does not share with third parties user data gathered by its applications.


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