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Partner Listing: Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)

Partner Listing: Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)

CaptionSync by Automatic Sync TechnologiesCaptionSync by Automatic Sync Technologies






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About AST


AST leverages smart automation and professional transcribers and describers to power its CaptionSync video accessibility services. CaptionSync is an accurate, affordable web-based solution for closed captions, audio description, and live captioning services and tools.


We work with you to understand your needs, then employ a smart balance of automation and professional expertise, leveraging technology and professional transcribers to provide captions, transcripts, audio description, and video search data, without the error rates found in speech recognition and crowd-sourcing solutions. The end result is a smarter captioning service—one that's fast, accurate and affordable, and available 24×7. In short, CaptionSync is the smart way to provide your audiences with even smarter video.



Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for all, and applying relevant accessibility standards to our services and practices, as they continue to evolve every day.



Data encryption All default transmission and usage mechanisms are encrypted via either HTTPS or SFTP.
Countries of data storage United States
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Types of data collected AST does not process any personal information other than basic contact data.
Personally identifiable or personal data collected See above.
Data Deletion Request Process AST Privacy Policy
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Image of CaptionSync's Smart Player video in Canvas course pageImage of CaptionSync's Smart Player video in Canvas course page

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