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Partner Listing: AverPoint Classroom

Partner Listing: AverPoint Classroom

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Santa Monica, CARelease Notes:      
 [Other User Resource Link]Sales Contact: Shouvik Banerjee,



AverPoint is a media literacy solution for high school and college instructors. We help instructors develop each student’s cognitive media literacy, defined as autonomy over one’s media exposure and meaning construction. Our tools help students develop and maintain this autonomy by improving their critical thinking skills, media knowledge, and personal drive. Our tools are very flexible, and meant to integrate media literacy lessons into traditional social studies classes including current events, history, government, civics, journalism. We work especially well with current events courses that utilize news articles or websites as their primary reading.






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HECVAT statusN/A
Data encryptionAt rest: AES-256. In Transit: TLS 1.3
Countries of data storageUSA
Data storage methodCloud database. Users can upgrade to store data on a private data server.
Data retention policy
Incident management program, policy, and testingWe have an internal process to manage incidents that we detect or are reported to us. First, we continually monitor our systems for incidents and address them in-real time. To monitor, we use New Relic, Sentry, AWS internal tools, and our own custom-built tools. These can detect many standard outages. For example, if our servers our down, our front-end clients crash, or an API returns an error code. Second, our Classroom users often send us direct feedback. These users have the option of sending us debug logs stored on their machines. Our policy is to triage any issues from our users, and prioritize these above normal business processes. We immediately address any issues that cause outages or performance issues. We then address any issues that limit functionality of our Classroom features. Finally, we address longer-term needs and prioritize them within our larger project plan.
Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testingWe have a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testing approach. Most importantly, we back up our data several times a day in the cloud. If a disaster caused us to lose data, we could quickly revert to a previous version. In most cases, we would lose less than an hour of data. Over time, we’ve learned some data requires even more frequent backup, particularly student essays. To back these up, we save student work on every change. Students sometimes delete their essays by mistake and we’re able to recover most of their work on request.
Security Standard CertificatesWe maintain valid SSL certificates through our cloud host providers.
Third party testing and security controls practicesWe use a security-layer-as-a-service that continuously monitors AverPoint for threats like DNS attacks. We do not presently hire third-party consultants for security audits or risk assessment reports.



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Privacy policy link
COPPA policy link
Privacy department/officer contact: Shouvik Banerjee
Types of data collectedOptional: Email, name, articles read, reading time, claims questioned, claims reviewed, claims saved, responses to writing prompts
Personally identifiable or personal data collectedOptional: email, name, profile picture
Data Deletion Request Process
Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-out
Cookies or Tracking Technologies used
Analytics performed on Customer Data
Data correlation practices
Privacy Certifications or SealsNone
Targeted Advertising using user data
Privacy or data protection impact assessmentsNone
Privacy Law Compliance

Integration Instructions

Instruction are on the section on "Synching with LMS" on page 9.

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