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Partner Listing: CenterPoint Education Solution

Partner Listing: CenterPoint Education Solution


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No silos.

Just one shared focus: Success for every student.

States, districts, schools, and education organizations partner with CenterPoint Education Solutions for a reason. It’s because we bring together proven instructional tools, professional learning services, and aligned assessments that drive student success and create opportunities for every student. Our mission and values focus on making sure students complete high school ready for college, a rewarding job, and engaged citizenship. 

Who We Are

We are educators working for and with educators to create enduring change. We bring deep experience and expertise to every partnership. Our purpose? To help educators give every student meaningful learning experiences based on the alignment of high-quality curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

CenterPoint is a different kind of education group. Why? Our approach is simple: First, we listen. Then we analyze and understand each client’s needs. Then we make detailed recommendations and execute solutions. We take a consultative, collaborative approach because every school and every classroom is different. The most effective solutions address individual needs, so our solutions are unique for each partnership.

What We Do

The building blocks of great instruction start with a solid foundation. CenterPoint supports schools, districts, and leading organizations with:

• Custom assessment development services

• Pre-built diagnostic and interim assessments

• Assessments aligned to the EL Education and Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum

• Curriculum design and development services

• Professional learning services to build and sustain educator capacity

We work side-by-side with our partners to build educator capacity and open the path to success for all students.

We’re Ready

The work we do together is vital. The stakes are high, and there is no time to waste. Our students’ futures depend on doing this work with urgency. We are ready to help now. There is no lengthy onboarding or complicated process to get the work started. From curriculum design to professional learning, assessment development to data coaching, the help and support you need are here.

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