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Partner Listing: Clixie Media

Partner Listing: Clixie Media




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2232 South Main Street Suite 444
Ann Arbor, MI – 48103


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Clixie Media is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides customers with deep data, easy-to-use tools, and flexible integration options for creating & analyzing interactive media experiences across any vertical.


Engage viewers like never before with our powerful creation tools. Engage audiences on a higher level, shifting the media experience from a passive, lean-back moment to an active, lean-in experience. 


Our technology is enterprise scale, mobile-ready, and easy & cost-effective to use. The platform is fully integrated with Canvas and our API's can make the production process completely automated and seamless to existing workflows. The main benefits of using Clixie with e-learning are:

  1. Ensures students spend less time learning information that they already know and save time finding resources to further comprehension.
  2. Provides professors access to valuable analytics (e.g. time spent watching lectures/reading supplemental material).
  3. Increases student engagement/focus, thus improving the overall learning experience and retention of course material.




  • Access Clixie Media from directly within your course. 

Menu - Clixie Tab Canvas.jpg


  • Media library, authoring, & analytics - all in one place

Canvas - Media Library.jpg

Canvas - Clixie Library.jpg



  • Seamlessly embed "Clixified" content to any page, announcement, assignment, or module.

Clixie Embed - Canvas.jpg



  • In-depth analytics, with a variety of ways to sift through the the data. See exactly how students are engaging and analyze the effectiveness of your content.

Canvas - Analytics.jpg

Canvas - Analytics Student view.jpg



  • We are fully integrated with Canvas quizzing or you may use our standalone quizzing engine




Below is an example of choose your own adventure learning. This was implemented to introduce potential students, mentors, founders, and investors to the course. Viewers were presented choices and based on their response, provided with course content that they would find most beneficial. This led to the course having the highest student enrollment and largest company cohort in course history. Also, it was the first-time universities other than the University of Michigan were involved, including participants from Western Michigan University and Michigan Tech University. Click the image to see a preview.

Canvas Image 3.jpg


This is an example of branched learning. After watching short clips, viewers are present with a quiz. Depending on how well the viewer performs, they are branched to content best suited for their education level. Click the image to see a preview.




The following is an example from Google Android Academy. This video highlights the primary capabilities of the Clixie platform that are useful for E-Learning. These include visual markers, event areas, and quizzes. Click the image to see a preview.

Google Android Academy.jpg




Dr. Michael Barger - Executive Director of Academic Innovation - University of Michigan Ross School of Business

  • "As educational programs rely more heavily on video as a preferred media, consumers will demand tighter messaging that delivers exceptional value with minimum time commitment, Clixie has created one such mechanism that is pushing the boundaries of current capability in the market.“

Dr. David Brophy, Ph.D., Director of Center for Venture Capital & Private Equity Finance - University of Michigan Ross School of Business

  • "The adoption of Clixie in the Finance and Entrepreneurship class at Ross has brought a whole new level of engagement for our students at the University of Michigan, Clixie is a tremendous leap forward for the University of Michigan and demonstrates why the Ross Business School continues to be one of the finest learning institutions in the world.“

Mark Adkins, Group Publisher - Hearst Community Media Texas

  • "Clixie Media delivers an engaging 'moat solution' that gives us a unique value proposition and marketplace advantage that others cannot offer. We're excited and have added significant revenue with this new and innovative product. Clixie Media has helped us expand market share and revenue on a recurring basis.“

Evan Neubeiser, Co-CEO / Co-Founder - Digital Media Communications, Inc.

  • "Finally, we have two companies that specialize in video creation, delivery, distribution and reporting of unique in-video interactions for mobile and desktop users. In our 20 years of being a vendor to the industry, we have never been as excited about the present and future as we are at this moment and we are pleased to have Clixie Media along our side.“

Andrew Crefeld, CEO / Founder – HouseLens

  • “Video is proven to boost both the quality and quantity of leads, so we’ve always felt that linking lead generation to video would be one of the best possible ways to help agents succeed. Our savviest customers currently leverage our single-property webpages on social media and other platforms to acquire thousands of views per listing.”
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