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Partner Listing: CourseKey

Partner Listing: CourseKey

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2150 W Washington St Suite 113
San Diego, CA 92110
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CourseKey offers a suite of intelligent software tools that enable the most successful vocational workforces on Earth. Our platform, built for the world’s leading career and technical colleges, increases engagement, supports compliance, and drives student success.


Ensure Students Are Present

CourseKey’s student-driven attendance solution uses secure user verification and location-based technology  so your students can independently log their attendance in any learning environment. 

You’ll be able to monitor students’ attendance in real time, so you can focus on keeping students on track to graduate.

Keep Your Students Engaged 

Student engagement + accountability = student success. CourseKey provides tools to help your students stay on top of their education and stay engaged. With CourseKey’s mobile app, students will be able to contribute to a class discussion, complete a test and get immediate feedback, receive reminder notifications to complete tasks, and so much more.

Get More Students To Graduation

Retention is the livelihood of your school. If you’re dumping attendance, grades, and other critical factors into a spreadsheet, it’s hard to see the bigger picture.

CourseKey’s Retention dashboard allows your staff to immediately recognize students most at risk through data visualization and daily alerts so they can create a customized action plan to help them get back on track.

Empower Your Students

Students shouldn’t have to guess where they stand. CourseKey’s solutions help students keep track of their progress toward graduation in real time. Complete visibility for all can motivate students and empower them to take control of their education.

Be Confident In Your Compliance

Everything you do is relevant to your school’s compliance and accreditation, so we develop our technology with an eye for compliance - always. CourseKey provides real-time attendance, engagement and skills data in one place so you can find and fix potential compliance issues before they happen. With all of these resources, you’ll significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare for an audit and can answer questions that arise with a few clicks.



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Integration Instructions

Click this link to view an article with instructions for integrating CourseKey with Canvas.

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