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Partner Listing: CourseTune

Partner Listing: CourseTune


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The joy of alignment is real! Read the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy's story here.


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About CourseTune

“All the relevant data right now is located in a lot of different places—a lot of different documents and people involved. So it’s been really interesting to pull that information together and put it into these course mappings...we rethink things as we enter into Coursetune.”

David Fattu, Director of Academic Services and Technology, Synergis Education

CourseTune is an efficient and elegant software solution for curriculum design, management, visualization, and collaboration. CourseTune uses an intuitive, patented interface to facilitate the design of both big-picture learning goals and granular learning objectives and activities.

CourseTune also makes collaboration easy. You can initiate and monitor real-time discussions across design teams and directly within the course structure. Your team will be able to view commentary on the design of your curriculum, making moderation a breeze. This ensures that all stakeholders have a simple way to voice insights and participate in meaningful, course-specific collaboration--this leads to better buy-in, transparent decision making, and overall superior learning design.

CourseTune meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

  • Develop new programs
  • Prepare for accreditation
  • Adapt courses or programs for online
  • Expand course offerings
  • Address skills gap
  • Work with an OPM
  • Launch CBE programs
  • Articulate student pathways
  • Align outcomes and assessments

Improving student outcomes begins with alignment.  

Research shows that when learning objectives align to outcomes and assessment, the overall learning experience for the student improves. 

With CourseTune, you can see the whole course take shape in one visualization as you plan.

Spot Gaps Early

Ever wondered if you’re covering a skill often enough? Or too much? See gaps and make corrections before you build the course.

Activities and Assessment

Employ a larger variety of learning and assessment activities now that you can see the nuances in the alignment and depth of learning.

Online, F2F, HyFlex, all of it

Whether or not your school has decided the format for the future, you will be confident to quickly pivot with your plans in hand.

Deeper Understanding

Instructors consistently report a deeper understanding of their course architecture by using our patented visualizations.

“The number one task that we have is changing people’s minds about things, and doing it with a visual tool is about the easiest way to change someone’s mind.” 

Will Kerr, Assistant Director of Course and Program Design, GSU



CourseTune Inc. is committed to making its products accessible to people with disabilities. CourseTune is a
progressive web application that provides a highly visual data navigation experience. We already make every
effort to ensure that those who have diminished ability to differentiate colors will have complete usability of the
product by ensuring that critical design elements use additional UI differences besides color. Additionally, we
check color contrasts on the interface, provide zoom tools, and alternate size text options for those individuals
with visual impairments. At this time, CourseTune is not intended nor designed to be a learner-facing tool.
The CourseTune platform has no sound elements so there are no accessibility issues for hearing impairments.
For mobility-impaired or vision-impaired users, we plan to implement specific accessibility DOM elements
(using ARIA attributes amongst others) that will allow them to navigate the visual data structures using
keyboard commands. In order to maintain the essence of the CourseTune experience, we will create a story-based navigational approach where users answer questions about what they want to do or view next. Users
will choose between the story-based navigation approach or the traditional navigation approach at the time of
login. This accessibility work to provide a screenreader solution for the unique visual interface of CourseTune
has begun and will be continually released in stages so that we address all the “not supported” issues in the following document using “Supports through equivalent facilitation” by July 2021. Read the full statement here.

Canvas Integration

“Coursetune will save you countless hours.” Jacque Harris, Instructional Designer, OTC

Whether you are designing a new course or refining an existing one, CourseTune will save you time. Replace dozens of alignment artifacts and instructional design documents with one visual resource that you can update and manage anytime, anywhere. 

The Canvas integration puts your course-level plans right at your fingertips within the LMS so that you can clearly, visually communicate how your learning strategy aligns to course, program and institutional goals. 

  • Easily see outcomes alignment across your course.
  • Show students a roadmap of what they’re learning when, how and why.
  • Share with your department how the course meets program goals.
  • Make notes right on your plans to log and prioritize changes for continuous improvement.

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