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Partner Listing: Derivita

Partner Listing: Derivita

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About Derivita

Created by the cofounder of Canvas, Devlin Daley, Derivita is a first of its kind math platform with a proprietary computer algebra system. Built for educators, Derivita provides an immense library of 30,000+ questions from Algebra to Calculus III. 

Homework assignments, quizzes, and exams can be created in minutes and instantly added to your course without ever leaving Canvas. Student submissions are entirely auto-graded and students are provided with immediate, targeted feedback. Derivita can be used with any textbook, seamlessly integrates with Canvas and can be accessed on any device including laptops, tablets, chromebooks, and smartphones. There is NO software to install, NO account provisioning, and NO usernames or passwords to remember.

With the shift to hybrid and remote learning, 80% of our faculty told us that student engagement is their highest priority challenge and that they are often unable to assess student understanding. That’s where Derivita’s SpotCheck comes in. With a single click of your mouse, you can use SpotCheck to engage students, encourage participation, and quickly determine knowledge gaps -- even on Zoom!

Visit our website at and schedule a demo to learn more!




In the classroom, instructors are able to do quick checks to evaluate how well their students are comprehending key concepts. In a remote environment - it’s a little trickier - and even more critically important to quickly assess how well students are grasping the material and progressing in class. To address these challenges, Derivita created SpotCheck, a synchronous, online tool for instructors to assess their students in real-time while also encouraging class participation and student engagement - all with a simple URL using a computer, tablet, or phone. 




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Derivita has prepared a Privacy Policy to describe our practices regarding the personal information that may be collected from users of any of our websites or apps which post this Privacy Policy, and other related services and which are offered to organizations and users outside the United States (“Services”). The use of personal information collected through our services shall be limited to the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.


Contact Us

Visit our website to learn more about Derivita and to schedule a demo today!



(801) 851-5522

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Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM MST

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