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Partner Listing: Harmonize by 42 Lines

Partner Listing: Harmonize by 42 Lines

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Website: Documentation: Support:
Headquarters: Champaign, Illinois Release Notes:  twitter.png  linkedin.png  youtube.jpeg Sales Contact:



Harmonize offers a suite of engagement tools that fully integrates with leading Learning Management Systems to provide an interactive space for students and instructors to engage in more dynamic and enriching exchanges. Unlike conventional online discussion platforms that rely on “threaded discussions,” Harmonize works like the social platforms students use outside of school. And with the addition of Harmonize Chat, students can connect directly with other members of their class without searching across multiple applications. Presence indicators let Harmonize users know the online status of their classmates. A student or instructor can quickly scan for other students who may be online to say hello or start a conversation. Now, instructors and students can work directly from the LMS to participate in more engaging online discussions--without having to download any additional software. 

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You can access our VPAT here: 


Harmonize Security & Data Protection Policy - 

HECVAT status Completed
Data encryption Encrypted both in transit and at rest
Countries of data storage US
Data storage method Cloud (AWS)
Data retention policy See Privacy Policy - Data Retention Policy
Incident management program, policy, and testing Documented in HECVAT
Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testing Documented in HECVAT
Security Standard Certificates AWS CSA STAR Level 2 Certification is based on ISO 27001
Third party testing and security controls practices  




Privacy policy link
COPPA policy link None
Privacy department/officer contact:
Types of data collected See Privacy Policy - Data Collected Via Technology
Personally identifiable or personal data collected See Privacy Policy - Data Collected Via Technology
Data Deletion Request Process See Privacy Policy - Changes To Your Personal Information
Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-out See Privacy Policy - Third Parties
Cookies or Tracking Technologies used See Privacy Policy - Data Collected Via Technology
Analytics performed on Customer Data See Privacy Policy - Google Analytics
Data correlation practices (across customers or create profiles)
Privacy Certifications or Seals None
Targeted Advertising using user data None
Privacy or data protection impact assessments  
Privacy Law Compliance FERPA:

Integration Instructions

You can access all of the details here:

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