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Partner Listing: MyTextMate

Partner Listing: MyTextMate




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Text: (954) 603-4733

Florida, United States
Sales Contact:
Alex Denicoff
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MyTextMate sends students automated, customizable text message reminders to make sure they never miss an assignment, exam, or other important event.

"This saved my GPA" —Joe, University of Central Florida
"I relied on these text messages more than my calendar" —Renee, Florida Atlantic University
"Makes school way less stressful" —Heather, Florida Gulf Coast University
"So much more organized and less stressed" —Iftikharun, Nova Southeastern University

92% of surveyed students said MyTextMate kept them more organized
88% of surveyed students said MyTextMate prevented them from missing a due date
74% of surveyed students said MyTextMate reduced their stress
57% of surveyed students said MyTextMate improved their grades

➡︎ Patented Technology
MyTextMate is a one-of-a-kind communication service able to combine events from multiple sources like Canvas LMS and transform them into automated, customizable text messages.

➡︎ Student-First Messaging
Unlike most communication technologies available to educational institutions, MyTextMate puts the control in the students' hands. This means students can easily choose when they want to receive their text message reminders, what information they want to be texted about, and more.

➡︎ Fully Automated
Unlike other apps that require teachers to manually send communications to students, MyTextMate does all the work, meaning administrators and teachers simply need to add assignments and events into Canvas, and MyTextMate will take care of gathering them and sending them to students according to their individual preferences.

➡︎ Proven Track Record
100% of the universities who have chosen to partner with us have decided to renew with us, and we think that is a wonderful testament to the positive impact MyTextMate is having on student success.


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We know the importance of making educational technology accessible to all students, and have developed MyTextMate to strictly adhere to standard web accessibility guidelines. We are eager to go above and beyond in accessibility compliance and are aiming to ensure full WCAG 2.2 compliance by December 2024.


HECVAT status Completed
Data encryption Encrypted at rest and in transit
Countries of data storage United States
Data storage method Cloud
Data retention policy Email for more information
Incident management program, policy, and testing Email for more information
Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testing Email for more information
Security Standard Certificates Email for more information
Third party testing and security controls practices Email for more information


Privacy policy link
COPPA policy link
Privacy department/officer contact:  Email for more information
Types of data collected Email for more information
Personally identifiable or personal data collected Email for more information
Data Deletion Request Process Email for more information
Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-out Email for more information
Cookies or Tracking Technologies used Email for more information
Analytics performed on Customer Data Email for more information
Data correlation practices Email for more information
Privacy Certifications or Seals Email for more information
Targeted Advertising using user data Email for more information
Privacy or data protection impact assessments Email for more information
Privacy Law Compliance Email for more information


Integration Instructions

Please email for detailed integration instructions.

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