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Partner Listing: Qwickly Attendance

Partner Listing: Qwickly Attendance




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Maximize the adaptability and efficiency of Qwickly Attendance by choosing the service level to meet your specific situation. Whether taking attendance in face-to-face & online courses, grading student participation, analyzing attendance trends for customized groups of students, or reviewing real time attendance data to remain proactive, Qwickly Attendance simplifies a wide range of institutional requirements.

Check-In Mode: Instructors can allow students to check in to class on their own devices. Checking in allows instructors to skip manually taking attendance and gives students credit for being in class. For extra security, Qwickly Attendance can automatically generate a 4 digit pin for students to enter.

Card Reader Mode: Qwickly Attendance includes a card reader mode, which allows instructors to take attendance for large courses with a swipe, tap, or scan of a student's ID card. This is done by using a USB card reader that is hooked up to one or more computers. Students swipe, tap, or scan their existing ID cards to be counted as present. There is no specific card vendor required in order to use this mode, instead we have a quick configuration process that should work with nearly any card.

Online Activity Mode: This mode can only be accessed by licensees with Qwickly Attendance Plus and Pro. Instructors can automatically derive attendance statuses based on academic activity. A student may be counted as attending that week if they complete one or more of their assignments.

Enterprise Reporting: With Qwickly Attendance’s enterprise reporting feature, instructors can view the last date of student attendance. Some of the new enterprise reporting features that are available to licensees with Qwickly Attendance Plus and Pro include absence limits and enrollment verification. 

Absence Limits: Absence Limits allows administrators to set a number of sessions a student can be absent before reaching the course absence limit. Absence Limits provides three visual warning levels to show the instructor when a student is nearing their absence limits. Each warning level has an associated color. Additionally, the number of absences a student has accrued can appear next to the students name. 

Enrollment Verification Mode: Administrators have the ability to capture a semester based report verifying if students are attending class. They can set parameters to define how many times a student must attend a course to meet requirements.

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Hi, May I know that if your attdendance feature can integrate with Canvas and using in China? I want to understand more detail about your services. Pls email me 🙂

Hello @JamesRong ,

Thank you for the interest in Qwickly Attendance!  I spoke with our product education team and they have a product demo scheduled with your school.  If you have any questions after this demo, please reach out to me.  Thank you!


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