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Partner Listing: Qwickly Jot

Partner Listing: Qwickly Jot





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Cleveland, Ohio


Qwickly Jot allows students to write on diagrams, charts, maps, and more inside Canvas. Instructors can create an assignment to identify countries on a map, diagram the chemical bonds of a water molecule, or endless other interactive options. Once the assignment is uploaded, students write directly on the assignment using a touchscreen & stylus or mouse/trackpad to submit their answers. 

Ways instructors and students can take advantage of Qwickly Jot include:

  • Label parts of an image, like a map of the United States or the parts of the body.
  • Show their work for math or science assignments.
  • Match words or images.
  • Create a drawing based on a given prompt.
  • Create a line graph, pie chart, or bar graph.
  • Shade parts of graphs, charts, maps, etc.
  • Write a piece of music on staff paper.
  • Practice writing letters or drawing shapes.
  • Diagram a sentence.
  • Annotate a piece of writing.

After a student submits their work, the assignment is compiled into a final image and embedded into the LMS. Instructors can then see a student’s work and give feedback directly within the assignment. 


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