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Partner Listing: WIRIS

Partner Listing: WIRIS

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MathType for Canvas

WirisQuizzes for Canvas

Roger de flor 221
Barcelona, 08025 Spain

USA Office
444 W. Ocean Blvd. Ste 800
Long Beach, CA 90802 United States


Barcelona HQ (+34) 932 804 805
USA +1 (562) 432-2920



We are WIRIS, a suite of tools that offers a full digital learning experience for students and professors around the world. MathType, the world’s most recognized equation editor; the assessment tool WirisQuizzes, integrate directly via LTI within Canvas. MathType and ChemType allow any rich text field within Canvas to include math and science formula. Wiris Quizzes has features to prevent cheating, automatically grade assignments, and our newest feature: a digital “scratch pad” to allow the students to show their work with their final answers. Our tools are easily available in many LMS and CMS platforms, as well as other web apps, or you can integrate them in your own app.




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 Streamline workflows that involve mathematical notation in Canvas LMS with MathType, and boost your productivity. You can type, handwrite and fine-tune mathematical equations with our multi-platform tool. What can you get with MathType? - Include math equations in assigments, questions or communications between users - Make the best of MathType with handwriting recognition in touch screens - Our subscription model allows you to enjoy the same quality solutions in your LMS and word processor - Copy or convert to LaTeX and MathML - Create mathematical content for all academic levels, and for all regions - Create accessible scientific content.




WirisQuizzes integrates directly onto your online learning platform and offers a powerful math and science assessment tool for teachers and students. Instructors can save time grading exams and eliminate the potential for cheating using WirisQuizzes in their LMS platform. Enhance your digital learning with mathematical features that make it easier for the quiz creator and the quiz taker: - Provide students with a formula editor to introduce their answers - Get automatic evaluation of the answers - Create open questions without worrying about the infinite correct ways a student may write the answer - Add random variables to your questions - Generate graphical representations in 2D and 3D.



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