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Partner Listing: ampEducator

Partner Listing: ampEducator



Website: Support:
18 King Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto M5C1C4 CA
  Sales Contact: Jamie McLeod



Connect, manage and deliver Student data all in one place.
ampEducator is an easy to use, affordable, academic management platform (CRM, SIS, LMS).

Integration Instructions

Please Note: Please contact us or visit our website for the most up to date release notes.

You can setup integration under Institution Config / Courses / External / Canvas. The instructions are outlined there.​
Once the configuration is complete you can link existing or new courses with a Canvas course. When you add a Course you would select 'Canvas' as the external course provider. From there you can select the term and the course you want to link to. Then under Course / LMS / External course you'll see the details of the link. Along with the Sync there are jobs that sync up the courses. You can run the sync jobs manually or by default it will run once a day. However, any enrollments, withdraws, completions, re-enrolments in ampEducator will be passed onto the Canvas course at the time it's made.

The Canvas / ampEducator sync does the following:

1. It synchronizes the enrollment between the two courses. It first looks at all the Canvas students, creates the student if they don't exist in ampEducator and enrolls them into the course in the are not enrolled. It then looks at any remaining students in the ampEducator course that aren't in the Canvas course and enrolls those students in the Canvas course. It also looks at students who were withdrawn, completed or deleted and reflects those accordingly.

2. It synchronizes the assignments in Canvas to the Gradebook in ampEducator. Each assignment is assigned a grade and the weight is calculated by the assignment group weight in Canvas.

3. It synchronizes the student assignment grades in Canvas to the Gradebook in ampEducator. Only Point and Percentage types are supported. Other types are automatically converted.

4. It overrides the ampEducator student's final mark in the course with the final mark in Canvas. This is to avoid ampEducator trying to recalculate the final mark and not matching up with the Canvas course.

When you link a course to Canvas the link to the Canvas course now appears in the Student Portal as well. Single sign on between canvas and ampEducator is also available.

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