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Partner Listing: elements by Elcom

Partner Listing: elements by Elcom

elements by Elcomelements by Elcom





Sydney, Australia


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Sales Contact: Josh Anstey twitter.png  facebook.png  linkedin.png  



Engage your community like never before

Your school enjoys optimum engagement with your entire community of students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff. In turn, your community enjoys optimum access to information and communication. Consisting of a suite of core features, as well as seamless integration capability to popular platforms - packaged in a beautifully designed interface.

Everything from personalised attendance records, timetables, exams and assessment results and rosters, to news and upcoming events, is included. Improve efficiency and reduce manual processes and administration support required - all through one easy-to-use and cost effective school portal solution.



We are committed to supporting and maximising accessibility for all web users. Level AA Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 has been delivered to base administration screens, the core authoring experience and selected modules.



Data encryption Passwords are hashed (BCrypt with Salt) at rest. SSL/TLS is relied upon for in transit (ie, browser accessing the website). For our own hosting, we typically disable SSL1/2/3 and TLS 1.0/1.1 and leave TLS 1.2 enabled. Databases (MSSQL) can be encrypted at rest using TDE.
Countries of data storage This depends on where the site is hosted. If we host it, it would be in Australia. We do not rely on S3 or other storage systems so that data is self-contained within the web application/local servers where the sites are deployed.
Data storage method MSSQL for databases and local web server for website files (documents etc).
Data retention policy If we host the site, then we typically aim for 7 years (backups, version control etc). If client hosted, that depends on their backup systems.
Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testing If BCP is sold to the client, then processes etc are in place over two locations and tested as agreed upon in the contracts/documentation.
Security Standard Certificates We typically use Thawte based certificates (SHA 256/2048bit certificate).
Third party testing and security controls practices For major releases of our product we do a pen test with a 3rd party. Often clients will perform their own pen test against their site and this is usually recommended by us (to have an unbiased report).



Privacy policy link 
Types of data collected This depends on the setup of the site and what information is being captured or uploaded. It could be as little as firstname/lastname/email and hashed password or other details such as date of birth, hashed credit card details etc.
Personally identifiable or personal data collected Same as the above.
Data Deletion Request Process This depends on the nature of the delete required. Some things can be done via the frontend and others would have to be done via the backend, such as removing all version controlled uploads as an example.
Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-out This depends on what type of data e.g. we share usage details for TinyMCE for example (due to licensing).
Cookies or Tracking Technologies used Our platform does utilise cookies for session information.
Analytics performed on Customer Data We suggest using a 3rd party platform, such as Google Analytics or Octopus BI. We also have standard reports built into our platform e.g. who logged in, when, who edited a document etc.
Targeted Advertising using user data We don't have targeted advertising using user data.
Privacy Law Compliance NSW Privacy Laws

Integration Instructions

Elcom has partnered up with Canvas to offer you a single view of your Canvas data from within the elements school portal out-of-the-box. This will be implemented during the project phase prior to go live of your elements deployment.

This is particularly helpful for parents to stay connected to their child's learning, development and school related activities - all through the elements portal. If parents have more than one child, they can easily toggle between each child with one click from the same interface.

The following capabilities are included out-of-the-box:

  • Recent course feedback - Pulls through course feedback from Canvas for the child's grades.
  • Coming up - Pulls through items coming up for the current week from the Canvas calendar of the child.
  • To do - Pulls through assignments/quizzes that are due in the coming week for the child from Canvas.
  • Grades - Pulls through grading for courses the child is enrolled in from Canvas.

elements is also able to pull through additional Canvas data depending on your needs. This will be scoped during the project phase process.

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