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Correction and Deletion of User Personal Data FAQs

Correction and Deletion of User Personal Data FAQs

Instructure provides several ways for users of our products to update or delete their personal data we process and store. For more information about how we handle a user’s personal data, please see our Product Privacy Notice which can be found here:

Updating Personal Data:

Users may change some of their personal information by editing their product profile. Users may also request that we modify their  information by emailing us at or submitting a support ticket in the product. 

For any other updates, please contact your institution directly, or submit a helpdesk request directly through the product.

Deletion of Personal Data:

For Canvas LMS, Canvas Studio, Canvas Catalog, Canvas Credentials, Canvas Free for Teacher, Impact, Mastery Connect Free for Teacher, and Mastery Connect products

Users can request to have their data deleted by the following methods:

  • Emailing  
  • Submitting a support ticket through the product
  • Requesting data deletion directly to the users’ institution 

For requests sent directly to the Instructure privacy team (, the process is outlined below.

Our privacy team will ask the requestor to validate certain information to ensure we have the correct user identified and the correct institution identified. We request this information to identify the user  in our systems and to confirm the request:

  • User name
  • Email addressed used in our products
  • Institution the user account was set up through
  • Confirmation from the user that they are requesting full deletion of their personal information

Once we receive a response from the user, we will forward the request to our customer support team. Our support team will send the deletion request to the institution identified for instructions on how to action the request.

  • The institution will process the users request according to their deletion policy, or
  • Provide us permission to delete the user’s personal data directly from our product

For Portfolium and Canvas ePortfolios:  If a user wishes to delete their account, they can perform this action directly in Portfolium. 

  • The user should navigate to the "Privacy" tab under "Account Settings" and click "Disable Account." 
  • Once your account has been disabled, you can request deletion of your account by selecting "Permanently Delete" from the “disable” account screen.  
  • After requesting deletion, the user has fifteen (15) days to change their mind before we cannot undo the deletion request.

For more detailed information please see this Community article:

Deleting Mobile Application’s Cache and Data:

The Canvas mobile applications, just like any other application (even web pages in the web browser), store data on the local device for various reasons. This data is mostly utilized for performance and speed benefits, but data may also be used for other things, such as distance learning considerations to prepare the applications for offline usage. Users can find the instructions here:

Why does Instructure have to contact my institution to delete my data?

For most of our products, we store and process personal data on behalf of the institution that set up the user's account. The institution is the organization that controls the data, therefore deletion requests must be approved by the user’s institution. For information on your institution’s deletion policy, please contact them directly. 

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