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Files aren't loading

My courses will not load on my computer and the course files will not load either. However they load on my mobile phone. Can this be fixed? 

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Your screenshot didn't survive the transition to the new Community website, so I cannot see what you shared.

Are you using Chrome as your browser on your computer? Does it have a spinning logo like it is loading but never actually load?

Chrome user's have been having issues loading PDF and Word files and they appear to be related to browser extensions that people are running. If you go into incognito mode (Shift+Ctrl+N) and then log into Canvas and try opening the content and it works, then it is most likely an extension issue that is causing a conflict.

It is mostly browser extensions that have access to the entire page. Some known ones are Adblock Plus, Ghostery, and Honey; there are a few others I cannot remember off the top of my head. I use a different adblocker, but leave it disabled on Canvas sites and don't have the problem. In some cases, merely disabling the extension was not sufficient and the extension had to be completely removed.

If it is an extension issue, then go into the Chrome Settings and manage your extensions.