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Surveyor II

Geometry Line Symbol (with arrows on both ends)

Using New Quizzes/Math Quill to write questions for my geometry courses and I cannot find a way to get the line symbol above my letters. I am NOT looking for \overline{AB}, as that produces a bar with no arrows. I have tried searching various Latex codes and \overleftrightarrow is what I am looking for, however this does not work in New Quizzes. I do not understand why all Latex code isn't supported in MathQuill. 

This is really frustrating as a Geometry teacher. My workaround is \overleftarrow{A}\overrightarrow{B} which is so cumbersome. Anyone know the code for what I'm looking for? And if not, please add it in!

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Surveyor II

You should be able to use: \overleftrightarrow{AB}


Thank you for the reply!

It was mentioned in a different thread, that \overleftrightarrow{AB} works in the RCE, but does not work in Math Quill itself. Which is confusing why Math Quill is not formatted to show some LaTex and not others.

Ah, that is unfortunate. I have switched to using MathJax on all my Canvas pages. (There is currently a bug where it does not display on online-submission assignments however.)

Unfortunately, \overset also does not work in MathQuill, which is a shame, since \leftrightarrow itself does seem to work in MathQuill. The only other option I could come up with is \over with a \leftrightarrow on top and AB on the bottom. But that looks bad, and your workaround is a lot nicer.