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Good integrate-able photography assignment app?

I'm teaching a photography/yearbook class and am looking for a good app/site, that can integrate seamlessly with Canvas.

I want students to

  • Be able to upload image, provide descriptions
  • See each other's images, provide comments

I have used Flickr in the past... but it's blocked this year AND the cost is now an issue.

I am currently planning to use Google Photos. Students will each have their own album, and a shared album. 

In canvas, I will expect them to respond to an assignment with the direct link to the photo they are turning in (or to an album of a group of photos.)

Are there other options? Something more integtated?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @RyanH -

I also teach Photography! I have used Google Photos for several years in combinations with Canvas, and I have increased my use this year. I really like the ease of sharing the album as a submission, during discussions, and for peer reviews.

Other "add-ins" I've used successfully with multiple levels of Photography include Padlet and FlipGrid.

I use the Redirect Tool "app" (Course > Settings > Apps) to add a shortcut to one of my Padlets in the Course Navigation. I've used Padlets for idea generation and for galleries. Students can like or rate images, and you have the ability to allow/moderate comments. There's not a grade book integration, but students I've worked with seem to enjoy the format. ...especially this year when we don't have a shared space to hang work at school.

FlipGrid has the option to upload an image. I've used FlipGrid to share photographs (instead of selfies) and students then talk about their creative process. This audio/video option is interactive, and classmates can continue the conversation in video responses or in text. FlipGrid has a Canvas LTI which does integrate with the grade book. 

I hope this helps the brainstorming process. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate more! 📸