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Community Member

How can I use my CengageNow from my Canvas?

Hello my teacher told me that I have to use the CengageNow from my canvas but I don't know what happen, I can't use, please help me.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @slozana .  Sorry to hear about the problem you are running in to!  Can you provide a bit more information about what is happening?  Do you see where to access the Cengage material but it won't let you in or are you provided with some type of error message?  Although Cengage is a separate company from Canvas and just integrated/linked to your class, someone in the Community may have enough experience with this integration to provide some insight if they know more about what you are experiencing.

All the best!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Sandra,

I'd also recommend asking your instructor more about how Cengage works for your course! He or she may be your best source for getting a quicker response.


My laptop is a MacBook Air, I think that's the reason why it is not

connected with Canvas.