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Surveyor II

Speedgrader Media Recording Not Saving

Hi y'all, 

I've seen similar questions to this but not this one exactly. When I'm using Speedgrader to record Media Comments, I can record the videos fine and even right click and save the videos to my computer, but the 'Save' button straight in the Media Comment pop-up window does nothing. No loading, just total non-response. 

Any solve for this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

How long are you waiting and how long are the videos?  I believe with the media recorder it records the video locally on your computer and then uploads it to Canvas when you are done.  If your videos are very long it could take a bit for them to upload before the Save button is available.  If you are working from home doing this is especially could take longer than usual.  With home internet connections you may have just as much bandwidth as at work for downloading content, but upload bandwidth (speed) is often a fraction of that.  For most things we do at home that might not be noticeable but uploading videos definitely could make it evident.

Maybe just give it more time and see if the Save button becomes available? 


Gotcha, maybe just not as speedy of a tool as I would like 😕

I have pretty fast home internet, keeping videos at about 45 seconds, and I'm experiencing this problem still after waiting roughly 5 minutes. Maybe it's just not an option for 'quick' feedback. 

Thank you!

Any resolution on this? I'm having a similar problem. When I record a media comment to an assignment, I click "save", but nothing happens. The file doesn't automatically attach to the assignment; when I close the window, the file disappears.

Surveyor II

rverbois, this exact thing is happening to me now. I can name the file and save it, but nothing reacts. When I close it, it's gone.