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Submitting a Google Doc as an Assignment

Since Canvas had its update, my students have had trouble submitting a Google Doc as an assignment on Canvas.  I am not setting the assignment up any differently than I did prior to the update, but this is what a parent said that they had to do in order to submit: 
The submission page changed, and it took us a minute to figure out how to submit from Google Docs. We finally did figure out the procedure, but always get an error message when we try to submit that way. Aiden has had to go into the Google document and make a copy as a pdf or Word document and then drag it to the submission area. 
If you look at my period 1 class, the type of assignment I am speaking of is called Figurative Language Mini Poster:  Onomatopoeia or AP Vocabulary Mini Poster Words 71-141.  Even the assignment Journal Entry 1/11 has proven challenging; they can complete the journal as a text entry box, but can't seem to attach a google doc.  Before the update, submitting these assignments was not an issue, and like I said, I am setting up the assignment the same way that I have always done.  
Could you give me directions or a video that I can use to communicate the steps for submission of a google doc to my students.  The student view for me is limited because the fake student doesn't have access to a google drive.
Marjorie Keith Pasadena Unified School District, Marshall Fundamental Secondary School
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