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Classic Quiz Sunset 2024 Feedback

This thread has been opened for comments and suggestions about the updated Classic Quizzes Sunset Timeline. 

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I think I might be speaking for a lot of people when I say thank you, Instructure, for listening. I want New Quizzes to be successful and the added time will make a lot of people happy. I look forward to seeing others' comments and feedback.

I do have one concern...will there be bug fixes and support for Classic Quizzes (that is short of adding new features that will be seen in New Quizzes)? For a time it seems like the dev team was more interested in getting New Quizzes into production than fixing potential issues with Classic Quizzes. 

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We started Canvas in 2020 and were informed that Classic Quizzes were retiring within the year, and New Quizzes would be fully launched in the same time. With that info, we launched straight into New Quizzes. Now it's almost 2 years later and we are still dealing with bugs and incomplete features in New Quizzes, and the timeline for a complete quiz format keeps getting pushed back further and further. Now we are looking at 2024 for us to have a New Quiz format that is fully functional, and this is frustrating. We are already in New Quizzes due to the information from Canvas, but I really wish we could migrate OUT of New Quizzes back to Classic. 


Setting realistic timelines, especially when discussing retirement of a quiz format, is important, and the communication and pushing of deadlines by Canvas has been frustrating from a customer point of view. We chose New Quizzes based on that communication, and are now stuck for another 2 years on the incomplete quiz format. 

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Thank you, Instructure team!

One question I have about the adjusted timeline: what is the new date at which point Classic Quizzes can no longer be created? This was called out on the prior timeline, but I don't see it on the new one. Is that just the 06/2024 date?

Thank you again for listening - it is very much appreciated.

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I didn't see any reference to Respondus on the timeline. What is known about the endeavors to allow full integration of test import via Respondus?

Following as we are interested in Honorlock support for New Quizzing. This is very important for a number of our faculty. Thanks for pointing this out.

I emailed our Respondus rep several weeks ago about NQ and Respondus 4.0. Here's what was shared with me:

"We do not have a true integration with Respondus 4.0 and New Quizzes yet. We are waiting on Instructure to build the appropriate API’s and web services so we can do so.  I don’t have an update of when that will be.  See link below for a workaround."

This seems to imply that the transition period (happening now or very soon) is that the APIs need to be finished before Respondus can build tooling in their product. This is somewhat alluded to in the transparency page: 

For what it's worth this was the same with respect to Respondus Lockdown Browser working with NQ. There was a waiting period for Instructure to get the APIs finished before RLB+Monitor could be used to proctor a quiz authored in New Quizzes.

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@SuSorensen Please elaborate on how the "Possible Later" section of the "Transparency into Quizzes Planning" image is different from the "Before July 2023" section. Some of the "Possible Later" items (such as knowing when a quiz needs manual grading and the grade by question feature) are crucial to certain bodies of my instructors, so knowing how likely it is that these features will be applied vs. being scrapped or put off for many years is very important to our institutional planning.

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It would be helpful to have available both the "End of Life 2024 Quiz Timeline" and "Transparency into Quiz Planning," is a font size and resolution that is  readable.  Can a version be made available for our low vision users or those that need a bit more magnification.  Much thanks! 

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I'm looking at this document and I think I see items that could replace surveys, but I'm not sure I see anything that could replace practice quizzes, ie something that gives the students points and can be used to unlock modules but doesn't show in the gradebook. Is that accurate? 

Case study: we use a code of conduct in each of our classes that's generated from a practice quiz. Students have to get full 10 points on the quiz (ie, agree to follow academic code of conduct by checking "I agree" next to each statement) in order to unlock the course materials in the modules. Those points currently don't show in the gradebook because that would be confusing. Not so much an obvious big deal if a course has 1000 points, but it would be more obvious in a course that has 20 total points if 10 of the points shown in the gradebook aren't being counted towards their grade.