Release Notes Summary (FAQ)

Welcome to the Release Notes Summary FAQ! Whether you're a veteran to the Community or just joined us for the first time, take a minute to learn about Release Notes and how they can help you.

A release represents a scheduled event when customer-affecting code is intended to be visible in a specified environment. Canvas notes maintain a current list of features and other customer-impacting changes that will be included in an upcoming Canvas release.

Release Notes are part of a product release process that indicate upcoming changes to the product's production environment.

Release Notes do not indicate features that are currently in development or could be in development. Such features may be noted and explored in the Roadmap and Idea Conversations.

For Canvas Release Notes, updates are available on the third Wednesday of every month. Depending on the calendar month, the Release Notes may be adjusted by one week.

All additional Instructure products release as needed and do not have a set schedule. Please subscribe to the release notes board for any products where you may be interested to receive updates. Learn how to subscribe to Community content.

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