Canvas & Infinite Campus grade total discrepency

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My Canvas grade totals and Infinite Campus grade totals do not match.

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@LanceScranton I am sorry to hear that there is a discrepancy between the total grade in Canvas and the total grade in Infinite Campus (SIS).  This is a common occurrence for several reasons. 

  • First it is possible that you have additional grades and assignments listed in your Infinite Campus gradebook that are not listed in Canvas.  In this case the additional grades would cause the total grades to differ.
  • Second, you may have grades entered in Canvas that have not yet been synced to Infinite Campus.  For example if you have an assignment that you have not yet synced or if you decided not to include an assignment in the syncs (for example if students did poorly and you didn't want it to count).  These grades may still be included in the calculation of the total grade in Canvas, but obviously wouldn't be part of the total grade in Infinite Campus.
  • Thirdly, the most common reason for total grade discrepancies between SIS and Canvas is that you are weighing the Assignment Groups/Grading Categories.  When weights are using in the grading of a course, the weights themselves are not included in the grade syncs.  Additionally the way that the two different system apply the weights to the grades and calculate the total grade with the weights may differ.  Canvas determines a subtotal grade for each assignment group and then applies the weight to the subtotal and uses the subtotals to calculate the total grade.  Many SIS gradebooks apply the weight to the individual assignment scores based on the grading category and then use the weighted individual scores to determine the total grade.  Additionally, different systems handle the rounding of grades that often is required with weights differently.

Note: during grade syncs, Canvas NEVER reports a total grade to Infinite Campus.  Only the individual assignment scores are reported by Canvas to Infinite Campus during a grade sync.

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