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To preface, I am an educator (Chef) with an interest in IT topics. I am taking over the Canvas system for my site, but my site is unique.

  • Higher education on a K-12 Calendar.  (Technical college part of the public school district)
  • District mainframe runs on two semesters (8/1 - 12/31) (1/1 - 6/30) 
  • Technical colleges follow the Florida Dept of Ed's WDIS calendar (8/1 - 12/31) (1/1 - 6/30) (7/1-7/31)
  • Unlike in the K-12 world, we have courses that overlap during the WDIS period. ie: the class I currently teach started in 11/28 and ends 3/8. Thanks to WDIS and the mainframe, my course is assigned two sequence numbers, which causes Canvas to think they are two different classes even through they aren't.  
  • WDIS rules are from the state, and out my our control, but how can I manipulate the sequence number (SIS ID) into thinking it's the same course (cross-listing) so it doesn't conclude the course on 12/31 and create a new, empty one on 1/1? 

Attached is a screenshot of the page when I click "Terms" for my account.  I'm open to suggestions...

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 3.18.50 PM.png