Does Canvas have an SFTP site for SIS integration?

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Does Canvas have an SFTP site?

We are trying to integrate a new SIS and I have not gotten any response from Canvas to meet with our IT department to provide 1/4 of the way to integration. 

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What SIS are you trying to integrate with Canvas? This may help find other users that are using the same SIS and may be able to share insight on how their integration works.

There is more information available about several of the SIS integrations that Canvas/Instructure Support in the following article and it mentions that some may use SFTP: What student information system (SIS) integrations are available in Canvas?

Also, it would be good to follow-up with your CSM and/or Canvas Support.  They will be able to assist you more directly with guidance related to the SIS integration for your instance of Canvas.

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