Grade Extraction/Transfer into SIS (PeopleSoft)

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Hello everyone - my name is Ryan, I work at the University of Texas at Arlington and we are in the process of implementing Canvas.

Currently, we have Blackboard as our LMS, and we worked with Blackboard to create a mass grade extraction process to take the overall course grade for each student in each course, then export it from Blackboard as a CSV file, and from there, we upload it into PeopleSoft so that instructors don't have to enter grades twice - once in our LMS and once in PeopleSoft.

Has anyone developed a system/process to do this? I've contacted two other institutions in the University of Texas that use Canvas to see what they've done but was curious if anyone else had encountered this and what their solution is.

Currently, we extract 4th week grades, mid-term grades, then final grades, just to give some background. If anyone reading this needs further clarification, please let me know, I'll supply any needed info. Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond!