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How can I export SIS ID from PowerSchool so I can do data matching between Canvas and PowerSchool?

SIS ID is the unique ID that Canvas imports from can I export SIS ID from PowerSchool so that I can troubleshoot users and data issues?

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Hi teststudent‌,

As we sync our data from PowerSchool to Canvas our Canvas SIS IDs are different than the student numbers in PowerSchool. For example, we have a student with the PS student number of 2468456, but their Canvas SIS ID is "student_104."

So to answer your question, I'm not sure what data from PowerSchool you would want to match apart from First_Name, Last_Name, Student Email address, Course Enrollments, and Student ID? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question?

Are you just looking for how to do a quick export of student fields from PowerSchool?



Hi! Thanks for responding…I just did some research and found that the “user_id” in Canvas pulls DCID from PowerSchool…they used to use a field they liked to call “SIS ID” to develop user_id and I could not (and still cannot to this day) find out where it comes from in PowerSchool. I find it unfortunate that they have no field for Student ID number as this is the industry standard for unique student identifiers. I know that I can use email and other fields to identify students, but as we work on secondary integrations, this elusive SIS ID becomes a problem. I’m rambling now…at any rate, thanks for responding!


Molly Nellman

Coordinator of 21st Century Learning

Centinela Valley Union High School District


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You can export the DCID from PowerSchool in a variety of places. I usually find it easiest through Quick Export. I couldn't get my screenshot to upload here in the community. The link is Shared album - Tricia Jackson - Google Photos .