How do I limit what schools pull in from Qmlativ

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We're setting up a new integration from our SIS (Skyward Qmlativ) to Canvas but we're only going to use Canvas in 2 of our schools. How do we limit the data sent from Q to Canvas to only include 2 schools? Canvas said we should be able to do it on the SIS side but we don't think there is anything we can use to filter. We're using the OneRoster Integration (API).  Any ideas?


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Community Team

@DianeMischke1 Are you having Instructure/Canvas manage the integration between Skyward and Canvas?  If so, you can contact the SIS team at Canvas Support to request that only the desired schools be included in the provisioning.  They can easily set up a filter on the integration's configuration to provision only the desired schools.

If your integration is being managed another way, then the filter can still be used.  You would need to determine the source_id/account_id for the desired schools is and use that when requesting the data to provision.

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