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I am wondering if any other district using Infinite Campus would be willing to collaborate on how you have your Grade Calculations set up for a year long course that reports grades at the Semester.  We currently have Semester 1 and Semester 2 but I'd like to have just 'Semester Average" so that we don't have two default standard/grading tasks to choose from.


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Community Team

@LaureenZacker If you have a year-long course that reports grades by semester, trimester, or quarter in SIS, you may want to consider utilizing Grading Periods in the account.  Grading periods consist of a specific date range that define the grading period, including the close date when you are no longer allowed to edit grades in the grading period. Grading periods may also be weighted.  To read more about grading periods and how to set them up see How do I add grading periods in an account?  and How do I use grading periods in a course? .

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