Issues with "pushing" enrollment from Ellucian Colleague to Canvas

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We recently "pushed" enrollment from Colleague to Canvas, as a bulk job.  We did this because we have had issues with student enrollment not pushing to Canvas from Colleague.  Most of the classes would move into Canvas, but like 1 or 2 would not.

This time we pushed enrollment, it appeared to be working strangely.  It didn't flow as consistently as in the past.  I stopped the bulk job as I was concerned.  In hindsight, not the correct thing to do.  With my ITS director's blessing, I ran enrollment again, and about 30 student accounts kicked out.  I went through and corrected the errors, and all seemed to be well.

The next day, we discovered that several accounts, that had names changes processed previously, had the changes reverse back to the old name.  When I checked in Canvas, the user's login had been set back to their old login, but their correct email was in place.  We have fixed many accounts since Tuesday.

I was wondering if anyone that uses Colleague had a similar experience?  If so, can you share the fix for this situation.  We are pushing summer and fall enrollment soon and I am apprehensive to do so.