Jenzabar (SIS) and Canvas Grade Integration

Community Contributor

I am at a small college and we currently require all grades to be recorded in Canvas, however, we are required to input our midterm and final grade into Jenzabar as that connects to all of our in-house, reports, transcripts, tracking forms...yadda yadda yadda. As of right now, our faculty have to re-enter their final grade in our Faculty Course Control element. I would like to see an integration where our professors can click a button in Canvas that pushes their class grades to Jenzabar or click on a button in Jenzabar that pulls those grades. I am at the mercy of my programmer and he has lots of reasons why this can't work. Smiley Sad As a result, I am reaching out to the community to find help!

So my questions to the Canvas community:

   How many schools who also use Jenzabar have an easy grade integration built?

   If so, what have been some unforeseen issues that might have occurred with this integration?

   Finally, would any of you be willing to share come code or be a sounding board for me or, more importantly, my    programmer?