Losing Course Enrollments

Community Participant

Being integrated with PowerSchool has its ups and downs. One of the downs has to do when a user is on leave: maternity, medical, or something else. Our district marks these users as not active which marks their Canvas account as not active. Technically, they are not suppose to be working and practically they can't since their Canvas account is disabled. 

The user on leave eventually returns to work. PowerSchool course enrollments come back to life because of the SIS ID. However, all manual course enrollments are gone. "Ahhhh! All my stuff is gone!"

An enrollments report (including deleted objects) for a district our size makes Excel crash even before I can run the report - ha! We have had to set up our own server to pull Canvas Data.

Currently, I query our Canvas Data files to look for all of the enrollments for the user after weeding out the automated PowerSchool courses. From the results, I build a file to re-enroll the user in the manual courses.

If anyone has a betters solution, I'm all ears.