Rollover help needed I have 36 hours left. :)

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ON Wednesday my roll over for Canvas will take place.  the problem is  I do not know what to do.  Everyone who did it last year or knew the process left the school 6 months or so ago.  as the newer Director of Technology it has fallen on me to get this done.  Though I have 30 years tech experience I came from industry and am new to education.

I have reached out to everyone I can think of over the last month or so, I have learned many parts of the process but many are still un known.  I am looking for someone who has done the roll over  and is willing to help me since I only have 1 day left as I pushed it back as far as possible with school starting next week.

I have a priority ticket open with Canvas support and in touch with my rep. but I seem to only get piecemeal answers and many parts unknown. for all I know I could be 90% done or 10% done with the process.  UGH!!!!

Appreciate any assistance and Thanks in advance for your help.  As a huge football fan I consider this a Hail Mary and just hoping someone can help.  Thanks again.

Thomas -

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Hi @ThomasKaiser 

Welcome to the Canvas Community.

We are coming from many different schools with many different types of Canvas configurations and integrations, so I'm afraid "rollover" means something different at each school as far as Canvas is concerned.

At my school, for instance, "rollover" is something that happens on the Student Information System side, when we begin pushing out data for the upcoming semester.  However, we create new Canvas course shells for each course section each semester, so that doesn't have much impact on existing courses in Canvas except that the term that they are associated with becomes a "past enrollment" rather than a "current enrollment" and moves from the Dashboard to the "All Courses" list for users.

However, I know that some schools re-use course shells from semester to semester.

Without knowing how your courses and enrollments are created and managed in Canvas, it's hard for us to know what "rollover" means on your system.  What can you tell us about the integration with your Student Information System, and how courses and enrollments are created and managed?

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