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As part of the discovery phase in our product development process, we are looking to improve our Assignment Enhancements beta feature. We want to add the ability to see what has happened with an assignment submission over time to better facilitate conversations between teachers and students.

This should clearly mark specific events for each submission on an assignment

  • submission
  • updates to submissions
  • timestamps for grading activities and comments


In these designs, is it clear how you would do the following...

  • How do I review the submission history?
  • Does the history page show me everything that I would care about?

Please share your thoughts on how easy, difficult or useful the submission history page feels with this design concept.

For more background and history on Assignment Enhancements, please see the Student Enhancements User Group.

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How do I review the submission history?

The link to view the submission history is visible in the upper right corner and is in a location similar to the current interface.

The drop down box being centered is well situated for quickly moving between attempts.

The number of attempts is directly above the availability dates but because the font is similar to the due date I overlooked the number of attempts several times.  Would it work better if it was directly above the drop down box for choosing the attempt to view?

Does the history page show me everything that I would care about?

A visual cue for new comments on an attempt might be nice.  Maybe something general near the drop down box that new comments are available and then when the drop down box is opened there is a visual cue of some kind indicating for which attempt there is a comment?


I love how it looks.  I am unfamiliar with the beta environment, is it possible for me to view this in the beta environment and play with it?

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