reCAPTCHA for Canvas Self Registration

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We’ve recently completed work on a new feature that adds Captcha (specifically reCAPTCHA) to the self-registration flow for teachers, students, and parents.


This change necessitates some changes to our APIs as well. We noted in our deploy notes on July 1st the following changes coming:

  • Deprecated Create a User Endpoint (for self-registration only)
  • Deprecated Self Register a User Endpoint

When an endpoint is deprecated it is no longer supported and may be removed at any time. Because we give 90 days deprecation notice before removing API endpoints, we’re waiting to release the Captcha setting until that window closes. However, if you are interested in having this setting turned before the deprecation notice period is over, we’d be happy to turn it on for you. 

Please note that enabling this feature will make the listed API endpoints unusable before the deprecation notice window ends, but if the endpoints aren’t being used by your institution this would allow you to leverage this feature right away. 

Note: Institutions who use Catalog should NOT enable this setting at this time. Catalog will not be able to register new users if this setting is turned on. This will be resolved before the release date.

Please let your CSM know if you would like this setting turned on early. While the setting will remain invisible to you until after the deprecation notice period ends, reCAPTCHA will be enabled. Once the 90 day window closes, the setting will appear along with the other self-registration options. 

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