Adding Edit History to Discussion Redesign

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We are excited to introduce a new feature in the Discussions Redesign - Edit History.

This feature enables instructors to view the different versions of discussion responses when students edit their posts. With this feature, instructors can now track the evolution of a student's response. Whether it's a minor typo correction, a rephrased statement for clarity, or a substantial modification of the entire post, instructors can see it all. This transparency not only promotes better communication but also encourages critical thinking and self-improvement among students.

If a discussion post has been edited by a student instructors will see “View History” under the timestamp on the post.


After opening the modal, instructors will see a list of versions for each time a student edits the post. Each version is timestamped, allowing instructors to see when the changes were made and what they entailed. This clarity empowers educators to provide more precise and constructive feedback.


We are excited to see how Edit History will transform online discussions, making them more engaging and productive. See release information in the change log here. More information on the Discussion Redesign can be found in the feature group and the product blog.

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