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BigBlueButton has some great new features available!

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Good afternoon! I am very happy to share some new functionality now available in Beta for BigBlueButton Conferences!

In the Settings tab you’ll find a new option which is “Enable Waiting Room”. This new feature functionality allows teachers to prevent students from joining a BigBlueButton session until they've approve the attendee's entry. Until teacher approval, the attendees remains in a virtual waiting room.

“Add to Calendar” is also a new setting that allows the user to create a calendar entry while they are creating a conference. This functionality eliminates the manual requirement of having to create the conference from the calendar.

Additionally in the Attendees tab, a user can now set varied permissions for attendees which allows you to be able to control their permissions before starting the BBB conference. The user can set key defaults, such mute all microphones and prevent private chat, and they are automatically applied when the session starts.

The final feature to highlight is the “Sync Attendees” option which synchronizes attendees so that late course joiners are added/included in the conference, automating a previously manual process and saving the user a bit of time.

We hope you'll find these updates beneficial, they are currently available in Beta for your preview and will be available in Production on October 15th. As always, thank you for your interest in Canvas, your dedication to your students and for being a valued member of our Community! If at any time you would like to share your experience, provide feedback or discuss needed functionality, click this link to sign up for time to have a brief chat with me and a couple of team members.