Canvas Commons Goes Global - Instance Regionalization

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Canvas Commons Goes Global - Instance Regionalization

The Instructure Learning Platform is more than just software. It's a holistic approach to enable more impactful learning supported by a thriving global community of educators, administrators, and technologists. Canvas Commons is an embodiment of this community: a global learning repository of educational resources educators can leverage to create and share course content.

In order to make this collaborative space more inclusive of regional privacy needs,
Canvas Commons is “going global” with multi-region hosting for the Canvas Commons learning repository. 

Considerations for your Organization

European, Canadian, and Asia-Pacific organizations will automatically shift to our AWS regional servers located within each organization’s geographic area by August 19th unless your organization opts out using this form or communicating your desired region with your CSM. You can find the specific region your organization will move to in section II of our Commons Multi-regional FAQ. In addition, we will be adding this information to the Commons Admin screen in the coming weeks. You can use this to confirm which region your institution will be moving to.

We are excited for the benefit this will provide to your organization’s information security, but it is important to be aware of a few considerations:

  • Your organization’s members will not be able to newly import Canvas Commons objects from outside of your region. Similarly, your members will not be able to share objects outside of your region.
  • Organizations who are members of a consortium within Canvas Commons and whose instance is switched out of the consortium’s geographic region will not be able to access the Consortium’s resources.

Instructure is actively enhancing transparency regarding Data Privacy and striving to fulfill customer commitments by incorporating multi-region support into our initiatives. Though this means fewer learning objects within your organization, institutions like yours can rest assured that shared resources as well as collaborative groups and consortia are specific to your region’s unique security regulations. Commons regionalization supports this initiative, and we are excited for its ability to enhance the information security of your organization. 

You can learn more about specific technical details of the migration in our Commons Multiregional FAQ.

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