Canvas Credentials Receives LTI 1.3 Certification!

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We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement with you. Canvas Credentials has successfully obtained LTI 1.3 certification, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing you with a seamless integration experience. This certification reflects our dedication to streamlining your learning environment and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Our dedicated team has diligently addressed identified issues and aligned our existing LTI integration with the LTI 1.3 standard. This achievement enables us to enhance the integration with Canvas, resulting in an even more seamless and cohesive learning journey for you.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that our next endeavor is obtaining Open Badges 3.0 certification. By pursuing Open Badges 3.0, we aim to further expand the capabilities of our platform and offer you a comprehensive and versatile digital badge ecosystem.

As we move forward, we remain devoted to continuously improving our integration, adapting to evolving needs, and staying aligned with industry standards. Your valuable feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our platform, ensuring it evolves hand in hand with your requirements.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and trust. Together, we will unlock new possibilities for collaborative and innovative learning experiences.