Canvas Credentials: Your personalized analytics experience!

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Hello, data enthusiasts! Have you ever felt like an analytics explorer lost in a sea of badge statuses and predefined date ranges? Fear not! At Canvas Credentials, we've been listening, learning, and enhancing our analytics views based on your valuable feedback. It's time to deep-dive into the delightful details of our recent enhancements!

Let's delve into badges! We've heard you loud and clear—deciphering the intricate details in our analytics views was as challenging as solving a riddle. Our primary goal: clarity. Who's awarding badges? How are they shared? Which are the most popular? We've revamped our organizational, issuer, and badge level analytics views. In response to your feedback, our default views now exclusively showcase active badge awards, eliminating the need to ponder over revoked or expired badges. Say hello to a consistent view! Additionally, introducing the "Include revoked" and "Include expired" checkboxes—your personalized pass to customize your analytics experience just the way you like.


Now, hold onto your hats – it's time for act two: custom date ranges! Want the power to select your own timelines for analysis? Voila! You're in control. Our new custom date range filter lets you pick the perfect dates, just like choosing toppings for your favorite pizza. It's all about precision and selecting dates that suit your analytics appetite.



In essence, we've taken your feedback, added innovation, and delivered these long-awaited analytics enhancements. Take a tour, dive in, and relish these upgraded analytics functionalities!

With data-filled cheers,

Your Canvas Credentials Team